Overwhelmed by your quirky kid?

Get your family out of survival mode!

What makes quirky behaviors so intense?

Whether your child has challenging behaviors or a diagnosed disorder,

we can SIMPLIFY what is stressing you the most.

Have 2 mins?

Let’s start simplifying! Check out this slideshow to see if any thoughts pop up for you on what might be contributing to the overwhelm you feel?

Cut the learning curve with coaching

Very few people in this world know how to support a parent raising a quirky kid. What is thrown at you every day is complex, limiting, expensive, and can drain the life right out of you.

Underneath the overwhelm is an able, gifted parent who just wants their kid to be OK and to have a fulfilling life of their own.

I understand your complex needs and will help you reconnect with your intuition, strengths, and abilities as we figure out how to reduce stress, improve support, and live a fulfilling life WITH your quirky kid.


I wish there was a “fix” for quirky behaviors, but there isn’t. There are so many factors that contribute to the intense or awkward behaviors that we see.

I have pulled together resources from many fields of study and types of practitioners to support you when you feel like you need more info. These Optimize resources are powerful and easy to view. They give you the opportunity to know as little or as much info that you want to help make decision-making easier.

What coaching options do I have?

At various times throughout the year I provide private coaching. See what opportunities are available to you now:

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