The Curriculum:

In the Optimize training curriculum, I have pulled together options, evidence-based techniques,

resources, and types of practitioners that can help you get your family OPTIMIZED!

Resources come in the form or  PDF’s, lists, short videos, previously recorded trainings, vetted links

and video clips for practitioners who are friends of Quirky Kids.

How you can receive these resources:

When you need more info, you’ll get it!

At points in your journey suggestions are going to be made to you my medical professionals, teachers, and unsolicited advisors (thank you MIL) of changes you need to make. When the situation that you are in is no longer tolerable and something needs to be done, figuring out how to make those lifestyle changes can keep families in a state of survival.

We don’t have time or energy for that! My Optimize resources are designed to help scared, tired, frustrated, parents with limited resources or bandwidth expert advice from some of the leading minds and resources that your Google searches can’t provide.

I’ve done the geek work for you and I’ve done my best to narrow down what I’ve learned into pretty documents and short videos that can cut the learning curve and boost your decision-making confidence. Advocate for your child with a grip on what on what options are available to you.

What the curriculum looks like:

Efficiency is key!

The sourced information gathered has been put into mini-modules, short videos, PDF’s, and video interviews

from licensed practitioners, parents and therapists. I also regularly send external resources from various

programs, books suggestions, and research that have helped a lot of Quirky Kid families.

The Curriculum Covers

The Following Topics

Fiery Behaviors

Explore various parenting techniques that work for different types of quirky kids and try them out with Village support.

Body Triggers

Internal stress that you cannot see can drastically impact your child’s mood and threshold for stress. In this section we explore how recurring illnesses, food and environmental allergies, digestive issues, constipation, and sleep disturbances can wreak havoc on our kid’s brains and behaviors.

Unbalanced Bodies

Sensory integration issues intensify bad behaviors and learning struggles. They can cause kids (and parents) to feel too much pain, pleasure, or be too wild or lazy. In this section we have the help of a Licensed Occupational Therapist to teach us tips and tricks of how to bring balance quickly, and how to get more support if needed.

Quirky Coping

Behavior is communication. If your kid’s behavior is communicating to you regularly that something is wrong, it is likely that their flight, fight, or freeze responses are getting triggered too often. In this section we explore what anxiety and other mental health issues can look like in kids and the various paths you can take to bring words to their needs.

Oxygen For Parents

In our Oxygen series, parents discover important ways to take care of their own unique stressors that tend to come with raising a high maintenance child. Here we also hit anxiety, depression and our own diagnoses head-on with topics that focus on our own brain health and optimization.

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